Moon landing 2
Shoot your own moon landing video and help NASA!
As you probably know, NASA lost the original tape of the famous moonwalk of Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969. Our goal is to help NASA to recover the lost video by shooting the new one. Please read the requirements to the video and participate in our contest by submitting your own one. We will send the best video to NASA officials.
First contest video

Here is the first contest video.

Video budget:
Playmobil astronaut $3.50
Playmobil airplane and pilot $3.85
Total: $7.35

Original (now missed) moon landing video

Here is the original video, shot by NASA in 1969 and now unfortunately lost.

Terms of participation

How to participate on the Moon Landing 2 video contest?

If you want, you can also attach information about your person - Name, Blog or Website, how much was a budget of your video.

What are the video requirements?

  • your video should show the first moon landing as exact as it possible. Please don't make such stupid mistakes like NASA in 1969 (wrong shadows, blows of the wind, etc.)

  • your costs for making of the video should be as low as possible. NASA doesn't have that billions of dollars, that it had in sixties.

A good example of such a video you can find above.

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